World Evacuation

by Trial & Error



Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Nathan Wallace
Vocals recorded by Ali Walker

Guest vocals by Ben Campbell of Set Astray on "Waste"


released February 9, 2013

Artwork by Ruairidh 'Ratson' VonLinden




all rights reserved


Trial & Error Stirling, UK

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Track Name: Set Me Free
Set me free
From this excuse of a home, so many close minded people I don’t know
I’ve had enough of being classified as something I’m not
dig deeper in to what I am, so many questions that I cannot understand
The answers to or the reasons why, in my head I cannot justify
why you’d think that of me?

Your mind is jaded if you can’t see
You’re the fire, that burns deep inside of me
You’re the substance that fuels my rage
Never thought I’d be free to turn a new page

I’m a shell of what I used to be

You took the life, straight out of me
Made me a shell of the man that I used to be
Track Name: Ill Mentality
As I look back, all that I see
Is lies, lies lies and eventually
I’ll see a sign that things were once so grand
Now stuck in a ditch, stuck in a waste land

My bones ache, from the truth that underlies.
My hidden traits that echo inside.
I’ve been alone with my thoughts
I’ve let them battle it out.
The war inside in my head has become too much,
I think it’s time to change my ill mentality

Forgot everything, I ever knew
This is my new perspective
I’ve fallen so far, nothing’s real
I’ve lost my mind.

life’s not real
lose your mind

Dear father I repent all my sinning
Coz’ I've been dreading the night beginning
because It's then that the guilt shines through
I've been trying, I been lying, but I can't hide what is true
My bones ache, from the truth that underlies.
My hidden traits that echo inside.
One day, the truth will become clear
But I'll be long gone, away from here
Track Name: World Evacuation
We’re leaving this world, in a critical state
Liars and fools, faced with no rules
Don’t think we’ll ever come to terms with our mistakes

Don’t try to tell me anything that you’ve been lead to believe
I watched society fall, crumble to it’s knees

Now we’re left in a world, that we can’t appreciate
Now we ought to change our ways, or evacuate.

I’ve feared for the masses for so long,
I want to know where we’re going wrong
Highlight the mistakes we made,
Then to make a difference, gotta persuade

Now everything has become clear, I can see right through the pain and the fear
There’s panic in the streets and in the skies, can’t believe what I’m seeing before my eyes
A society, I once respected, now broken, bruised and neglected.
We’ve made mistakes, we can’t erase, we tried our best but some things never change.

I can’t change this world on my own
It’s not my fault, nor my reasons alone
You can’t see what I need you to see
I’ve seen society fall to it’s knees
You can’t save what is already gone
Nothing’s left
You can't change

Quit trying to put the blame,
on someone else
but really we’re all to blame
no one’s left to clean up our mess

We’ve been lied to, we’ve been living lies
now our only hope is to compromise
We can only hope earth’s secrets stay hidden
Let this world kill itself and start from the beginning.

Track Name: Waste
Stop, think, you’ve been blessed with a mind
but yet you seem to waste away your life
stop taking opportunities for granted
you’re a waste of space and I can’t stand it

I know how they make you feel
pulling you down
I know that they feel like chains
Keeping you glued to the ground

It doesn’t make sense
the way you choose to live
Open your eyes, to what’s in front of you
you could at least have respect for yourself.

It doesn’t make sense
why you’re lost after all this time
Fear of losing everything
Overrules anything

You’ve been made an example of
a liar, a fool, a waste of my time
You’ve spent so many years living these lies
But now you’re alone, I see the fear in your eyes

I’ve watched the world, slipping away
Slowly seeing my peers, leading astray
There’s a line, which they crossed, a point of no return
You made the mistakes, one day you’ll learn

All those things I never said
They’ve been storing in the back of my head
I’ve tried my best to forgive and forget
but sometimes you can’t forget what you regret.